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Salient Features of the Project

Kasuwa Khola Hydropower Project is developed by Kasuwa Khola Hydropower Ltd (KKHPL). The project is a Run of River type Hydropower project with generation capacity of 45 MW. The proponent has acquired Electricity Generation Survey License of the project from Development of Electricity Development (DOED) / Ministry of Energy (MOE) / Government of Nepal (GON).

Salient Features of the Project

River Source:

Catchment Area: 

Gross Head:

Power House Type:

Generator Type:

Transmission Line:


Interconnection Point:


Design Discharge: 

Installed Capacity: 

Type of Turbine: 

Total Energy: 

Kasuwa Khola

87.39 sq.km

517 meters


Synchronous Brushless

Kasuwa PH-Tumlingtar Substation-36 km. 132 KV Single Circuit line

Tumlingtar Substation 220/132/33 KV, 200 MVA

Makalu Gaunpalika, Sankhuwasabha

10.42m3 /sec (Q41.4%)

45 MW